Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday morning observations.... I am on my way to church this morning and two interesting things happened.

Interesting thing #1: So, I was driving at a completely normal speed. About 30 or 35 mph. I noticed this minivan all over my car's booty. Seriously. Right on top of me. I kept trucking along...and as soon as I turned onto the bridge where it goes from a 2 lane road to a 2 lane road with a turning lane...the minivan jets out into the turning lane...guns it...and zooms past me. I beeped my horn...since I've already in a previous week flipped someone off on the way to church and decided that it isn't the best way to say 'ello to God and all. The van in front of me...keeps revving because the car in front of him or not going fast enough either. Sheesh. The kicker...the van veers off into a church's parking lot (not my church) and parks. So, the person was all driving crazy and what not...on their way to church. Yes, I flipped off someone once on the way to, I know...who am I to judge?

Interesting thing #2: Once I got to church...a bunch of people were outside looking at something in the sky. Armageddon?? No. So, I turned around...and wouldn't you know that there is a hot air balloon in the air. Coolness. I love hot air balloons. When I was a kid I would spend the whole Balloon Festival weekend chasing balloons with my bike...hoping to see one touch down. Also...seeing a balloon up in the air is just more evidence that spring is on the way.