Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brrr...and then some!'s been a while. I've been cruising around and haven't spent much time looking at my own blog. You know, it's funny and ironic...that I check other people's blogs almost daily and am always anxious for them to update what is going on in their world, but then...I neglect my blog something fierce. Well, I guess it is because I am self-centered and lazy....and of course, I know what's going on in my world. lol

Let's's cold as can be up here. And by cold, I mean...really really cold. I have lived in Upstate NY/New England almost all of my life (with a short stint in Indiana...which trust me, it's cold there too). So, yes...I expect cold. I am used to cold. And honestly, I prefer cold to hot and humid. You can throw a million layers on, but there is only so much you can tactfully take off.

But...when it gets to this level of cold. Come on's ridiculous. This morning, it was 2 degrees when I woke up with a heavy wind. When you walk outside...the wind just brings a whopass of cold right through you. And tomorrow...let's check is going to be a high of 9 degrees and a low of NEGATIVE 11.

I wouldn't complain...oh wait, isn't that what I am doing right now...expect for that I want to start running again. I miss it...and I am not going to get myself back into the shape I want to be in without it. But, I am not someone who runs on a treadmill or a I am an outside runner. I did it all winter long last year and want to start again. I don't really mind running in the cold...because after about 15 minutes, your muscles warm up and it is really quite comfortable. Except, the temp needs to be at least in the double digits for me to even consider for the week coming up, I think I'm going to be running on the elliptical and forgetting that the outside world exists.

Let's see...what's going on other than it being BLEEPING cold. Umm, I hung out with 2 good friends over the weekend. It was nice to see them. We don't hang out nearly as much as we should. We all tend to make plans and let them fall through. We just hung out, chit chatted and then played some Nintendo Wii. If I had the money, I would sure like to buy a Wii. If you want to buy one for me...please feel free. It's just plain fun I tell ya.

Alright...that's enough of a mini-update for now. I am seriously considering upgrading my site to an actual domain....for all the non-readers I don't have. lol So, I had better get back into the habit of posting here if I am going to consider actually paying my hard earned cash to blog.

Hugs all...and stay warm out there.