Friday, January 02, 2009

Back at work that is!

Today was my first day back from work from my Christmas/New Year vacation. Going back on a Friday was just bizarre. It felt like Friday and Monday at the same time.

All in all...the day went well and I wasn't as much in the weeds as I thought I would be. The weeks were pretty quiet when I was gone. The only downside....I was pretty tired. I had gotten used to going to bed and getting up whenever I felt like it. I kind of psyched myself out about having the alarm go off at of course, I couldn't sleep. I tried to go to sleep at 10pm...nope, not tired. I was still awake at midnight...and yep, at 2am...I am still awake and watching some documentary on msnbc about prisons. I am not sure what time I actually fell asleep...I just know it was after 2am.

Let's see...anything else. Well, obviously, I am planning on spending more time blogging. I had gotten out of the habit of doing it...and in reality, I really like it. Even if it is pointless drivel...I like recounting my day and what is going on in my life. So, expect to see me more often around these parts.

And last but not countless others before me, Facebook has become my new obsession. Seriously. I am constantly playing with it...and updating it. It's like a new toy I got for Christmas. The coolest thing is reconnecting with old friends that I haven't been in touch with for years and years, especially my college friends. You see, my college closed a couple of years after I graduated, so it's not like we ahve an active alumni association, etc. But yeah...I am loving Facebook and often spending way too much time there. So, if you don't see me know you'll see me over there.

Happy Monday..err...Friday all! *winks*