Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcoming 2009....and wondering what it will bring!

2008 seems like it has flown right by...and here is another year upon us.

I am never one of those people who makes New Year's Resolutions because I think there are just made to be broken. I usually make these long winded lists of goals and things I want to work on.

This year, I have one main umbrella goal. I want to be more organized in my all areas. I want my home to be less cluttered. I want to be more organized at work. I want to be more organized with my life and the plans I make.

All in all...I want my life to just be more organized. It's a constant goal of mine and something I struggle to do well. So, I am working on the constant work in progress that I am.

Welcome 2009...and I am hoping you brings lots of good things with you.