Friday, August 31, 2007

the complete heebie jeebies!

I was reading on the internet last night...yes, on my new LAPTOP...and came across this story. Just reading it made me panicked. *shudders* For those of you who are too lazy to click on the's a story about spiders in Texas who made a huge spider web which scans over 200 yards. They say that some people are visiting and some people are staying very far away. I would be one of those people...who wouldn't get near that place if you paid me. They also say that you can hear the screeching of the mosquitoes who are all caught in the webs. Eww....ewwww....ewwww!!!!!!!!!!

I am afraid of spiders...I'll admit it. I find them tricky and just plain mean. And don't bother telling me how good they are...and that they eat bugs that are real pests, etc. I've heard it before....still terrified.

So...the idea of possibly millions of spiders working together to make a HUGE spiderweb. I am sorry...that's just chuck full of creep. I think they are starting their plan of taking over the world....and of course, they'd start in Texas...evil, evil Texas.

*shudders* Evil, evil spiders.

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