Monday, September 17, 2007

scholarships for school

You know, it wasn't a million years ago that I was in college, but sometimes it feels like it. One thing that I know is different now in terms of college is how financial aid and scholarships worked. I mean, we still have to fill out the FAFSA, but other than that, it's a whole new ball of wax.

I can remember searching for scholarships and grants for college when I was in high school. You went to the guidance office and got this packet full of local scholarships. You also went through the gigantic book which was published in 1983 of all of national scholarships out there. With the internet, scholarships are a completely different game. When I was college aged, you had to get one from the school you were going to, the one you were graduating from or be lucky and get one from the community. I can tell you...other than the money the school I was going to gave me, I wasn't very lucky..and all in all, I was a pretty bright kid.

CollegeNET has an interesting concept when it comes to giving away scholarships for school. It's called scholarship election and it works by having people sign up at their website and then they need to compete to win the scholarship. They have discussion forms on their site and if you like what the person has to say, you vote for them. In the end, the people with the top 4 votes get scholarships for school. They aren't huge scholarships, but they are decent. The top 4 win $5000, $3750, $2500 and $1250 respectively. It's not going to give you a free ride, but it'll definitely help to pay room and board.

So...check out their site. If you're college aged, sign up and try to win. And if you are not college aged, sign up for a voter account and help some kids pay for college.

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