Thursday, August 09, 2007

Auntie Em...Auntie Em!

There was a freaking tornado in Brooklyn yesterday. That is just ridiculous. They said it was a F2 tornado, which means the winds were between 111 and 135 miles per hour. There were trees uprooted...roofs taken off.

You know, when I lived in Indiana...there would be tornados from time to time. Since I am from the east coast, I was always timidly amazed by them. They are such powerful creatures....and we never usually have them around here. The news report said that there hasn't been a tornado in that area since, yeah...I guess it would be a rarity.

The morning news also said that there is more extreme weather (flooding, drought, fires, tornados, tropical storms) than usual...and it is the beginning signs of global warming. Hmmm, I wonder what will have to happen before people will stop thinking that we have made this whole global warming thing up???

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