Sunday, August 22, 2004

Movie Review: Kill Bill Vol. 2

So, as I said before...I saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 last week. I also saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 a few weeks before.

First of all...I waver back and forth about what I think about Quention Taratino. Sometimes I love his work and something it just doesn't do anything for me. Pulp Fiction was brilliant, but Reservoir Dogs did nothing for me. So, I wasn't sure what I would think about the Kill Bill movies.

Well, I find it hard to talk about Vol. 2 without even mentioning Vol. 2. Everyone talked about how gruesome and violent Vol. 1 was...and yes, it had numerous fight scenes and such, but I didn't think it was overwhelming violent, especially for a Tarantino flick. The violence almost seemed cartoonish to me...which made it seems less real and therefore less gruesome. And...the choreography of the battles were, I think I was more impressed by the art of it all. After seeing the first movie, I was really looking forward to the second one.

I rented Vol. 2 and ended up watching it with my dear ol' daddio. He didn't see the first movie, but decided to watch the second one. And it is true...that you don't need to see the first one to see the second one, even though I think you should. I think that Vol. 2 does stand alone...but that the two movies together make a really dynamic package.

Vol. 2 was much more story and dialogue centered than the first one...and it shows just how much Quentin shines when it comes to writing really intelligent and thought provoking dialogue. One thing I notice about Quentin...his writing is so sharp. All of the interchanges have purpose...he doesn't tell you something unless there is a reason to do so. I really respect that...since I often see writers writing for the sake of dialogue or to make a moving statement. Quentin does move the audience, but he does it with purpose.

Another things about this movie...and something I think Quentin also does well...he takes flawed and dark characters and really brings them to life. This movie is all about badass, hitmen...and how they are now turning on one another. But, he shows the variety of emotions that we all have. He shows how envy and revenge bring people to places they didn't want to go....they show how pure love can shine through even the most dark souls. He shows how someone can have compassion in one moment and then turn around and without flinching can commit such gruesome acts.

Uma's character, 'The Bride' was a paid assassin just like the rest of them...the only difference is that they turned on their own and now she is out for revenge. Uma is the heroine...the one we root for, but she is also a cold blooded killer. Some may think that is sick, but I think it is such an interesting story to tell.

And now is the always present feminist response....the women in this movie are amazing. Quentin decided to tell a story that involved some amazing smart and strong women. One, there is Uma...who is the woman out for revenge...out to Kill Bill, but she also does it with such committment, force, strength and intelligence. And she isn't the only one...Uma also fights two amazing women in this story, Lucy Lui and Darryl Hannah. Yep...Darryl Hannah is flopping in the surf waiting for the likes of Tom Hanks to save her in this film. She is tough and unforgivening...and smart and strong...and yes, evil. In most films...all of these characters would be men. I really appreciate a story like this being told with strong and dedicated women.

I don't want to say too much...which I probably already have, but I highly recommend this film. Without spoiling people...I think it is amazing. I was really glad I saw it...and I wish there was Kill Bill Vol 3, 4 and 5!

So...head to Blockbuster and rent Kill Bill why dontcha!