Wednesday, October 07, 2009

GPS is my new best friend...

Yep, I got a Garmin GPS system for my car for Christmas. It sat at home in the box...FOREVER. I wanted one, but didn't really get the chance to use it. I wonderef if I had a $300 toy that I was never going to use.

Then, I broke it out of the box. I was going to Vermont for my college reunion weekend. I had been to Vermont a million bajillion times before, so I didn't need it to get there. However, I hadn't driven around the streets in good ol' Burlington in a long I thought, "Hey, I might need it" and threw it in the car.

I was glad I showed me a shortcut to get to the other side of time...gave me specific directions to the hotel we were all meeting at and then saved me almost an hour on my trip home by taking me a different way.

OK. I was sold. I liked this GPS thingie.

Then, I had a training event in Albany. I had to be there at 9am on the nose. I hate driving to Albany because one bad turn and you end up trapped in Albany with no way to get back to where you need to be. So, I brought my rusty trusty GPS. I did take a wrong turn...and before I could even start to panic, the nice british lady inside my GPS said "recalculating" and had me on my way.

Genius. Bloody genius. Since then..I've taken it to NYC to go to ball games (and let me tell you when you get lost trying to get out of the's real nice to have to try to get someone's attention to give you directions)....I've taken it a bunch of times to Boston...taken it to more work trainings.

I've always been somewhat of a nervous driver when I am going some place and I don't know where it is. I worry about taking a wrong turn and just getting all kinds of lost (Yep, I am kind of directionally challenged). The invention of GPS has really made me no longer nervous about driving into some unknown place...because well...I have my rusty trusty friendly GPS lady with me.

Anyone else just in love with their GPS system as much as I am???