Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday morning ramblings....

Hey all out there on the internets....what's shaking???

This week has either been boring....or crazy busy. Nothing really in between. Luckily...knocks on wood....I think I got through that cold/sick business and didn't get it. Of course, as soon as I say that....I am going to start coughing up a storm...mark my words!

So far, my no pizza and candy for Lent is going well. Right now, I am sitting here looking at my full candy bowl on my desk. I always put candy I don't even really like much in my candy I will be less tempted to eat it. I usually have an assortment of hard candy and also some tootsie rolls. I don't hate them, but they are not my top favs. Let me put it this way...if I put Milky Ways and Butterfingers in there, I would have to buy a new bag of candy every single day. Having said that....even with candy I don't really like, I noticed that I had been eating it much more than I used to be. If it was a long day or a stressed day...I'd find myself eating tootsie rolls for lunch instead of the yummy and healthy salad I brought. Since Lent started, that candy bowl has stayed much more full.

Speaking of healthy and all recommitment to a healthy lifestyle is going well. I have lost a few pounds....and I've gotten back to eating healthy food and working out every other day. I used to workout every single day...but in reality, I am not looking to get back to that. I find that I have more energy and am able to really push my workouts when I workout every other day. Right now, I am doing straight cardio. I am rocking the elliptical for about 45 minutes on MWF and Saturday. I am going to add weights back in...either next week or the week after.

About the pounds lost...I care, but not nearly as much as I used to. I know I will never allow myself to weigh over 200 lbs again and the just vanity weight. I want to be healthy...instead of wanting to weigh a certain number on the scale. In the vanity realm, I do want to lose 15 pounds or so...but I am content with losing that slowly...much like I gained it. I am just going to continue working out and continue watching what I am putting in my mouth...and if I do that, the weight will come off.

Let's see...any other update tidbits???

Anyone else watching The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon but me? I love Jimmy...think he is too funny. The show is definitely working out the kinks...and I don't think he's found his niche or his voice yet, but still....I have been chuckling while watching the show. Tina Fey was on Tuesday night and I could watch those two just chatting and catching up for DAYS.

I don't watch The Bachelor, but I guess it was all drama central. Serves the women right for thinking they were going to find their dream guy on a reality show...while he is trying a dozen other women on for size. If I am going to watch a show with a premise like that...I'm just going to watch Rock of Love since I don't think those women have any delusions that they are going to find true love. I think they just want to find Bret Michael's bed for a few nights. Mission accomplished!