Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Oh vey...and here it begins!

Hey all...I hope that some people find their way here. Welcome to Shelley's blog!!!

I had a blog at ujournal.org for years...where I rambled about what was going on in my life, ranted from time to time and bored readers with reckless abandon! It seems as if ujournal is not only down, but dead in the water. It's kinda sad...because I wrote there for years and to lose all of that and all. I wish I could read over some of those entries and remember where I was at that moment...the good and the bad.

But, it also isn't a bad thing...in some ways. This blog is a new start....a new place to write. In many ways...I was feeling like my old blog was very stagnant and yep, boring. So, I am starting again...I realized through not being able to write that I missed it. I missed being able to process things on this lovely blog and to just be able to rant something as it comes up.

I hope that this place won't bore people to tears....and that I keep finding things I want to comment on. If you are reading...feel free to leave a comment and say hello.