Sunday, January 09, 2005

24 is on tonight....

I know I haven't updated in a while...and I have even been worse at reading the blogs of people I like and love. I know, I have been bad. I have been trying to figure out how to work at the day job, work at the night job and also find time to workout at the my ass doesn't grow any bigger than it already is.

You know the drill...but I am going to do better, I swear it!

Pic is courtesy of CTUHQ. Check them out!

Take a moment to read that lovely subject line of this entry. Yep, that is right...the best TV show EVER is going to be on tonight...FINALLY! I have been waiting for a new episode of 24 for a LONG time now. I can't wait to see what Jack Bauer is up to...and how he will spend the next 24 hours.

This season a lot of things about 24 are changing...and I hope it makes the show a better one, I am just a tad nervous that it will be too much change, too soon. The things that are changing are:

1. The show is moving from Tuesday nights to Monday nights. (Except for tonight when it will be on Sunday for a 2 hour event). See what I mean...24 is the kind of show where you really need to watch each and every, I worry with the show moving days and with the first episode on a different day from that...that they might miss some viewers along the way.

2. A lot of the cast is changing...or not coming back. It seems like a lot of the CTU crew won't be returning. And of course, we know that President Palmer was not running for, I doubt we will see him again. I am really going to miss President Palmer. I have heard Kim won't be back either...and some think that is a very good thing. I agree that some of her storylines have been quite silly (umm...did someone say cougar?) but at the same time...I always thought the influence of Kim on Jack's life...was so crucial to the show. We got a clear reminder why Jack is willing to do the job he is doing...because of his relationship with Kim. Plus, Kim softens him...and often the show needs that. So, I am one of the few that is going to miss Kim's presence of the show.

3. There was something else that was changing, but I forgot what it was. I will remember later...long after this is posted.

The one thing that isn't that Kiefer Sutherland will be back. So, the show will still be all about Jack. I don't think Kiefer is the show, but I do think that the show wouldn't have the spark without Jack as one of the cast of characters.

I got to see the first 24 minutes of the first episodes...with a promo DVD I got my hands on...and so far, it looks different, but very very good. Tune in tonight and tell me if you agree.

Oh yeah...after the show, we usually spend some time discussion the show at Bauer's Basement. We nit pick and discuss all the aspects of the show, so I invite any 24 fans to swing by tonight after 10pm and to share your two cents on the show. Trust me, I'll be there.

P.S. Did I mention that Kiefer is hummina hot? If not, consider it officially mentioned.